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World Physiotherapy Congress Update – Final call for abstracts

Submit your abstract The call for abstracts for World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 closes on 24 September 2020. Following the decision for the World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 to move to an online event, the call for abstracts was reopened. You now have only 9 days left to submit your abstract.  If you had previously not submitted an […]

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Prone Positioning for ALI in COVID-19

Sri Lanka Society of Physiotherapy in collaboration with the GPOA has organised an in-service training program onProne Positioning for ALI in COVID-19 , by D.S.N.Malaweera president of SLSP on Sept.10th,2020 from 9 to 1pm at the Neurotrauma Auditorium of NHSL

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World Physiotherapy Day

08th of September-to mark the event graciouslySri Lanka Society of Physiotherapyin collaboration with the GPOAhas organised an in-service training program onProne Positioning for ALIin COVID-19by D.S.N.Malaweera president of SLSPon Sept.10th,2020 from 9 to 1pm atthe Neurotrauma Auditorium of NHSLPhysiotherapists and students are welcomea portable electrotherapy device would be presentedfor answering 5 respiratory questions tabled at the endof the lecture, for […]

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What’s the best way to sit?

Leon Straker, Curtin University Many people spend the majority of their waking hours sitting – at home, commuting and at work. Particularly when we’re sitting for long periods at a desk, there are a few things we should keep in mind. How should we sit?Many people think there is one “good” posture. But actually, there isn’t […]

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